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About Us

KODAK has a rich heritage, known by generations, a heritage
which started when George Eastman, famously coined the phrase;

'You press the button; we do the rest'

Since then, KODAK has enabled generations to capture those moments and create memories that go beyond any functional benefits a product can bring. At KODAK Lens, we have an undertaking to make a complex situation (vision correction) and make it simple and accessible to everyone, giving them new opportunities that they did not have before. Providing outstanding optical solutions at realistic prices.

The Kodak Camera +

Kodak was founded in 1888 by George Eastman. He built his business on four principles which is still in practice today. These principles include a focus on the customer, low-cost mass production, worldwide distribution and extensive advertising.


Introduced in 1935, KODACHROME Film became the first commercially successful amateur color film. In 1942, KODACOLOR Film the world's first true color negative film for photography, was launched.

KODAK Technology was on board the Apollo 11 +

In 1961, KODAK Technology was on board the Apollo 11, with the first astronauts to walk on the moon. A special stereoscopic color camera built by Kodak enabled astronauts to photograph extreme close-ups of rocks, dust, and minute features of the moon's surface.

KODAK Instamatic camera +

Introduced in 1963, the KODAK Instamatic cameras featured easy-to-use cartridge-loading film, which brought amateur photography to new heights of popularity.

World's first digital camera +

KODAK invented the world's first digital camera in 1975, and the first megapixel charge-couple device (CCD) image sensor in 1986. This enabled other innovations to follow.

Signet Armorlite +

In 1992, the Eastman Kodak Company gave Signet Armorlite the exclusive right to develop high-quality ophthalmic lenses. Since then, over 50 ophthalmic products have been developed under the KODAK brand.

 KODAK Clear Lens Coating +

In 1996, KODAK Clear Lens Coating was developed to enable lenses to stay clean and last longer. 4 years later, the KODAK Concise Progressive Lens was launched to fit modern shallow frames.

KODAK Precise Progressive Lens +

Throughout the early 2000's, KODAK Precise Progressive Lens provided wearers with excellent visual harmony between distances and the KODAK Clean & Clear was launched with new improved superhydrophpbic properties.

KODAK Unique Progressive Lens +

2009 saw the launch of the KODAK Unique Progressive Lens, which opened wearers up to a wider selection of frames. In 2010, the KODAK Precise PB Progressive Lens was launched to provide a more natural wearer experience for Presbyopes.

KODAK BluProtect Lens Coating +

In 2015, KODAK BluProtect Lens Coating entered the market and led to future generations of blue-light filtering products.


KODAK continues to expand the way images touch people's daily lives till today.

Kodak Lens

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