City Lens

Lens for day and night vision.


Improve Night Vision and Reduce Glare

Your eyes get affected by different light conditions during the day and at night. Besides the sun’s glare, the use of mobile devices and bright screens can affect the eyes.

At night, the glare from headlights, neon lights and street lamps can cause discomfort to the eyes. For those on the road, such harsh lights can make it hard to focus. KODAK City Lens is designed to reduced glare and reflection up to 30% at night and 60% during the day, so you can experience visual comfort from day to night.


Controls and Blocks Harmful Bluelight

Our constant use of digital devices causes us to be exposed to harmful blue light. Unfortunately, our eyes cannot filter out blue light and this passes through the cornea, reaching the retina. This can then lead to eye strain, visual fatigue, headaches and sleeplessness. KODAK City Lens controls and protects eyes from harmful blue light.


Protection from 100% of Damaging UV Light

UV rays can negatively impact eye health, accelerate eye aging and potentially contribute to various eye conditions including cataracts. KODAK City Lens protects your eyes by filtering out 100% of harmful UV rays at 400nm everyday and everywhere.

Who Is It For?

The Digitally Active and Busy Urbanite

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